Rifkin's Festival

In theaters from thursday 03 december 2020

Comedy | 0" | United States of America

Cinema devotee Mort Rifkin (Wallace Shawn) accompanies his publicist wife Sue (Gina Gershon) to the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain, worried that her fascination with her young film director client, Philippe (Louis Garrel), might be more than professional. Turned off by the lavish praise showered on Philippes film, which he considers banal, Mort becomes preoccupied with the cinema classics he once taught as a professor. Morts relentlessly dismissive opinions of Philippe, Sues current focus as a professional and someone she greatly admires, strains their already frayed relationship. Morts mood lightens when he meets Dr. Jo Rojas (Elena Anaya), a kindred spirit whose marriage to tempestuous painter Paco (Sergi Lopez) is also causing her pain. Filled with absurdist humor, Woody Allens RIFKINS FESTIVAL blends unreal situations with interwoven tales of romance and heartache to create a loving tribute to the transformative power of film. Regarding your request to use copy from the trailer, I think we can approve that but I would like to reserve the right to approve the actual posts with these words.


Woody Allen


Woody Allen

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