Blessed Benefit

In theaters from thursday 21 september 2017

Drama Comedy | 83" | Germany (Federal Republic), Jordan, Netherlands

Ahmad, a construction worker gets tangled up in an unfortunate business deal leading him to prison. He meets fraudster Ibrahim, who ruins his last hope to prove his innocence. Ahmad is awakened by the realization that life in prison might be better than his life on the outside. On a blazing hot day, Ahmad, a 45 year old construction worker, is arrested for using a clients down-payment to help his cousin, Abu Wafa in a deal of 10 brand new laptops hoping to make a small profit from it in a matter of three days. Due to custom procedures the imported laptops are not released in time. Unable to do the job neither pay the money back, Ahmad is sentenced to four months in prison for fraud. On his way into the police station, Ahmad meets Ibrahim, a professional fraudster, who is on his way out of prison after a two-year sentence. While in prison, Ahmad becomes worried about his family and is desperate to find a way out as soon as possible. When Abu Wafa tells him that the laptops will be cleared from customs and his debt repaid soon, Ahmad is convinced he will get out and spend Eid at home with his family. When the laptops are finally released, Abu Wafa places an advertisement them in the newspapers for a quick sale. Ibrahim sees no better catch than this ad and manages to take the laptops. When Ahmad hears the news, he realizes that his last hope to be released is shattered. Meanwhile, his family's financial situation is only getting worse. Where food and drink is not a worry, new friendships struck, no cell phones ringing, far away from any obligation of the outside world, day by day Ahmad feels something that hes never felt before - liberty. Half way through his sentence his biggest worry becomes losing this liberty after his release and above all, having to deal with a bigger debt. But Abu Wafa has good news, at last Ahmad will get his money back as the police arrest Ibrahim and found one laptop left from the ten. After Abu Wafa tries to recover the laptop, he discovers that Policeman Salem is temporarily holding the laptop for his personal use. While Ahmad is transported home in a police car, Policeman Salem receives a call from his wife informing him that their house has been robbed including the laptop.

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